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Málaga and Córdoba, Spain | Three Spanish Citizens To-Be

August 2019 You're looking at three Spanish citizens to-be! Rachel (23), Adela (20) and I had an awesome time exploring our country to-be together. For my sisters, this was their first time in Spain (I have visited a few times before, read about those here). They started their applications for citizenship before ever traveling to see the country. Bold move, but they absolutely loved it. Adela is actually studying in Sevilla this year, currently she is a Junior at Colorado State University. Rachel just took a job with the CDC, and will move to Alaska in October, but took a month off to explore Spain and visit me in Denmark. Yes, we are an independent trio, our mama raised us that way! The det

How to Get a Spanish Passport Through Sephardic Heritage | Málaga, Spain

(Adela, Rachel, Lindley at the famous Mezquita in Córdoba, Spain) Mission: Get a Spanish Passport, is a go! It's official! My two sisters and I have submitted our applications to the government to become Spanish citizens. We are pursuing our citizenship through a law, "Seeking to redress one of the darkest chapters of Spain’s history, the Spanish Parliament on Thursday approved a long-awaited law devised to open the way for citizenship for thousands of Sephardic Jews whose ancestors were expelled in 1492" - NY Times. My aunt Ana did the research and has tracked my family line back to the 1400s where a great, great ... great grandfather, Alfonso Rael de Aguilar, was expelled for being Jewish,

Visit Australia | Gold Coast | Hometown Series with Bradley Meechan

The more I travel, the more I love my hometown— Albuquerque, New Mexico. And this has inspired me to start this series, the hometown series. I will be interviewing people from around the world and asking them about their personal connections to their hometowns. Never forget where you came from! Whether you like it or not, your hometown has probably shaped you in more ways than you know. Every time I drift away from New Mexico, the return just gets sweeter. I hope you enjoy this series. I have collected a variety of people and hometowns around the world. I hope you like their stories and learn something new! If you know someone with a cool hometown, or you’d like to be featured, be sure to co

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