5 Things to See in Puebla, México

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Puebla, Mexico

Puebla is a lovely city to visit, it feels very quaint and personal. I love the Mexican people. Unlike many countries, one of the best things about visiting is that the locals love to engage with you. Tourism is valued in their country, so oftentimes locals chatted with me and endured my less than perfect Spanish, to give me recommendations and advice.

So far, I’ve learned some interesting things! Puebla is considered one of the nine “pueblos magicos” or magic cities, which means the government paints the city. Puebla is full of loud primary colors that change from building to building. If you owned a business in one of these towns, it would actually be illegal to paint your own building without the consent of the government. 

The verb “enchilarse” means to “chili one self.”

Next, my mother started coughing yesterday after inhaling too much chili, and my sister taught me a new verb. The verb “enchilarse” means to “chili one self.” Next time you are dying from too much chili you can say, “me enchilé” or if someone else can’t breathe because they had too much chili you can say, “te enchilaste!” This is my word of the week! What a great verb, and so fitting for México.

The third thing I learned was a bad word, in sort of a round-a-bout way. I posted a picture on Instagram with some Mexican flags and a Mexico City page picked it up and reposted it with a hastagged “chingon,” which I was informed is a bad word, but can also mean “really fucking cool.” So, thanks for the compliment @centrohistorico!


In most cities, the “zócalo” is a great place to start, it serves as the center of the city. The zócola in Puebla is filled with local cuisines, beautiful buildings and vendors. Oftentimes, you will be approached by people trying to sell you things like little knit purses, candy, flowers, balloons, and everything else!