8 Things Americans Take for Granted (But Expats Don't)

Happy Fourth of July From Brisbane

It’s always hard to be away from the USA for the Fourth of July. It’s always fun when we are stateside in July. I loved spending time with friends and family. We’ve spent many Fourths in Silverton, Colorado camping in the last five years.

We typically don’t do much for the Fourth when we are abroad. But I do enjoy seeing everyone’s photos on social media. Light some sparklers for me this year!

In 2019, I wrote a satirical blog called 47 Things Americans Take for Granted, which got a really good response. This year I’ve asked other bloggers and ex-pats what they think Americans take for granted. Note that these bloggers have lived in many different countries worldwide, and their responses reflect their unique experiences.

Free Drinks Refills

Realizing that complimentary drink refills are not a universal experience is one of the first lessons I ever learned abroad. And it’s not one I’ll soon forget!

It was my first time leaving the country studying abroad from Oklahoma to Italy. Hours after landing in Rome, the first thing I did after checking in to my hotel was find the nearest street cafe. I was prepared to get out of my comfort zone trying new food.

But fighting jetlag and needing caffeine, I went with my usual drink of choice back home. Plus, an Italian “coca” was the perfect combo for my first taste of Quatro Formaggio pizza. Overcome with the romance of it all, I didn't think twice when the waiter only refilled my cup once it was empty… and only after I asked for more. But it certainly dawned on me once I got the bill for six drinks with my meal. Oops!

Contributed by Cassie of Cassie’s Compass