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A Photo Diary of Our Wedding Day | Playa Del Carmen

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Lindley & Rasmus

Saturday, the First of June

Two Thousand Nineteen

at Five O'Clock in the Afternoon

Playa Del Carmen

Quintana Roo, Mexico


Super excited to share the photos from our big day. We had an "unplugged ceremony," meaning that we didn't allow our guests to have phones or cameras-- we wanted everyone to be as present as possible to share in our precious moment. And we loved the way it unfolded. The unplugged bit allowed us and everyone to share in the energy and emotion swirling around us. PS this post is much better to view on a desktop vs mobile.


The Build-Up

G r o o m s m e n

B r i d e s m a i d s


The Ceremony

E n t r a n c e

T h e W a l k

O u r V o w s

S i g n e d , S e a l e d , D e l i v e r e d


Photo Op on the Beach

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