Mangoes the Size of Your Head | Málaga, Spain

Updated: May 10, 2021

My Connection to Spain

It has always been a dream of mine to visit Spain. Ever since I was a child I've heard my dad refer to Spain as the "homeland" and talk about our conquistador ancestors.

Earlier this month I ventured down to Málaga, Spain where my Aunt Ana, Uncle Robert, and cousin Emilia just moved from my home state, New Mexico.

"Ms. Gallegos (my aunt) joined a growing number of Hispanics from the United States benefiting from a 2015 Spanish law seeking to atone for one of the grimmest chapters in Spain’s history: the expulsion of thousands of Sephardic Jews in 1492. The law offers citizenship to descendants of those Jews, many of whom converted to Catholicism but secretly adhered to Jewish traditions as they settled in New Mexico and other frontiers of the Spanish Empire." - NY Times Article

It has been fascinating to learn about my family's Jewish heritage through this process; most of my Hispanic family had no idea this was part of our history. As far as we knew, we were Catholic all the way back to Spain.

This law creates an interesting opportunity for me and others in my family to pursue citizenship in Spain. Both my sisters are entering the application process, and I am thinking about it. Although my future husband is a Danish/Australian citizen, so I may wait and see what comes of that.

About The Region

Andalucia Málaga is in the southernmost region of Spain-- Andalucia. This place is absolutely magical, a paradise to say the least.

"Andalucia has 500 miles of coastline and of which 70% are sandy beaches. Once Spain´s poorest region, Andalucia - and specifically the provinces of Malaga, Granada, and Seville - is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.
Tourists enjoy sandy beaches, beautiful countryside, and spectacular mountain ranges. It is also home of flamenco and bullfighting, all of which can be best enjoyed at the region´s countless ferias and romerias," -