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Reflection of Year One Abroad | Randers, Denmark

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Hey all,

check out our year end wrap-up video below where Rasmus and I reflect on Denmark.


Personal Reflection

I cannot believe the long winter has finally ended! This has undoubtedly been one of the most formative experiences of my whole life. Moving to Denmark met every expectation and also missed every expectation. I can say that I am better for it. There is nothing like distance to make you really appreciate your loved ones and roots.

I did it. I moved. I dabbled in a new language. I learned to cook new foods. I made new friends. I tried new things. And all with the support of my amazing partner, Rasmus. I don’t think very many people would have been able to put up with me while I was in the transitional period. It has been a struggle at times. The first two months were honeymoon like… everything was interesting and new, exotic and different. But come winter, I was homesick like crazy and hated everything. There were days I cried and did not leave my bed. At six months, the mornings started to seem brighter and the days more full of life and opportunity. And now at nine months—I am almost sad to leave. I love jumping on my bike and heading into town with Rasmus to enjoy a beer by the water while the sun warms our skin. We are leaving Denmark as our whole little world here blooms into summer.

In my time away I have discovered that people all over the world are more similar than they seem. Colors, language and customs alike, we all have dreams, wants and desires. Everyone deals with airplane delays, forks not put into takeout bags, and moody family members. We are all the same, and many days I found comfort when talking to a Dane dealing a silly, almost vain problem, because it reminded me of the little things I used to fret over back home. It is those little things that fill our heads and make our lives so significant.

Being able to take a step back and put my beliefs, thoughts and predispositions under a microscope have been eye-opening. Living as an “other” in a community is maybe one of the greatest gifts of all. I cannot say I always enjoyed it, but I feel like I have a better understanding of myself and those around me.

More than anything I realize how blessed I am, to have my education, my family, and beautiful roots in New Mexico. I have witnessed life and love all over the world. It makes me happy to see other people struggling but also putting on a smile and loving with everything in them, nonetheless. I would not trade my roots for the world. That is my biggest takeaway. I will always be a small town girl from New Mexico with a mama that was raised with Southern values. I never would have seen myself that way. But now that I’ve left home, it bleeds out of me and onto everything I touch. I am more my mama every day.


We are headed home (USA) for summer! We will be between Abq, Austin, Durango, Denver and Phoenix this summer. If you want to see us, be sure to drop us a line! We are getting married in June, and are planning to return to basketball life in Europe come fall. We will keep you posted when Rasmus signs a new contract.

I hope 2019 is bringing you joy so far. Slow down. Don't forget to appreciate those around you.

And thanks for following along with our journey!


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