Málaga and Córdoba, Spain | Three Spanish Citizens To-Be

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

August 2019

You're looking at three Spanish citizens to-be!

Rachel (23), Adela (20) and I had an awesome time exploring our country to-be together. For my sisters, this was their first time in Spain (I have visited a few times before, read about those here). They started their applications for citizenship before ever traveling to see the country. Bold move, but they absolutely loved it.

Adela is actually studying in Sevilla this year, currently she is a Junior at Colorado State University. Rachel just took a job with the CDC, and will move to Alaska in October, but took a month off to explore Spain and visit me in Denmark. Yes, we are an independent trio, our mama raised us that way! The details of our trip are below.


Málaga, Spain


We flew into Málaga, because that is where our notary was; also my Aunt Ana, Uncle Robert, and Cousin Emilia live there. We stayed in an adorable AirBnB, which I have to recommend if you want to stay in downtown/central Málaga for $70 a night. It had two beds, one of which was lofted. This location was perfect for us because it was a 15 minute walk to the train and close to everything in the city.

The City

Málaga is a fun city. I love the colors. The shopping is fabulous, and the food is even better! The city power washes the streets each night, so the walkways are sparkling clean. We found a wonderful rooftop bar, La Terraza de Valeria, which is a great place for a night one to get the bird's eye view.