A Three-Step Guide to Planning a Trip Abroad | Location, Location, Location

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

A Three-Step Guide to Planning a Trip Abroad

Athens, Greece

Where do you start when planning a trip to a foreign city? There are so many things to consider! This blog is for those of you who want the simple, logical path.

In the last twelve months, I have planned and executed trips across 10 different countries. And I feel like I finally have travel planning down to a soft science. Everyone has their tips and tricks, but my method is really location-based. When in a new city, it is important to be central, close to transportation, and within walking distance to the things you want to see. I always book in this order:

1. flight

2. accommodation

3. transportation

To help illustrate my plan, we are going to be planning a trip to Athens, Greece from here in Denmark. Use this outline to plan a trip anywhere!


Step One, Book Your Flight