How to Have a Destination Wedding for $5,000 | Christy and Donovan | Tulum, Mexico

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Destination weddings are oh-so trendy right now, and for good reason. Rasmus and I got married in Quintana Roo, Mexico back in June and loved everything about it. I will spill all of our logistical details at the end of this series. I want you to meet some brides who also excelled in getting their rowdy bunches across borders and into pews!

I know Christy because she is the big sister of one of my best friends, Courtney Harms. Courtney and I played volleyball together in college and became like family. And in the process I've gotten close to Christy; I visited her a few times in Silverthorne, Colorado when I was traveling for work during my time in admissions at Fort Lewis College. Christy also helped steer me when I was planning our destination wedding. She gave me great advice! They had an incredible, intimate wedding in Tulum two years ago.

Christy (28) and Donovan Haynes (27) are actually expecting a baby boy any day now! And this wedding was the beautiful start to their happily ever after.


Meet Christy and Donovan

Wedding Date: April 27th, 2017

Location: Tulum, Mexico

Budget: $10,000

In Christy’s Words, Their Love Story

“Our love story is actually pretty interesting! We grew up about 20 minutes apart in Aurora and ended up going to the same college (UNC Greeley). In college, we didn't know each other and had never met, however, I knew some of his friends and he knew some of mine. He also knew my roommate my second year so at some point he may have even been in my dorm. We both left UNC the same year to come back home and begin schooling in Denver. I began working at the 24 hour fitness he frequented regularly. We still had never met.