The 11 Best Cafes in Hobart

If you know me well, you probably know that I am a coffee addict! We’ve had the good fortune of getting “stuck” in Hobart due to COVID19 border closures. And I’ve spent a considerable amount of time exploring the cafes throughout Hobart and its suburbs.

I drink two to three coffees a day, and after living in Europe, and then Melbourne (known to have the best coffee in the world), I’ve become quite spoiled. My coffee palate has pretty high standards, so you can trust me!

Below is the list of my favorite places, and they’re not in any particular order. It would have been too hard to rank them. Hobart has a charming cafe and brunch culture. If you take your credit card to one of these businesses, you won’t regret it! Ps. if you're hungry this blog might make you hangry...

1. Machine Laundry Cafe

Machine Laundry Cafe Hobart is a staple cafe in Salamanca Square. Stop here for an obscenely large muffin and hot coffee, and while you’re at it, you can get your laundry done! It’s an odd combo that’s become a hit in the city. If you’re looking for breakfast in Hobart try Machine Laundry!

2. Queens Pastry

My partner discovered this hidden gem. It’s instagrammable, you won’t forget the mint green paint, and the pastries are delightfully fresh. Queens Pastry makes delicious donuts and sweet monkey bread!

(photos courtesy Queens Facebook)

3. Sisterhood

Sisterhood is a classic everything-you-could-want brunch spot in the laid-back Sandy Bay area of Hobart. A bunch of locals recommended Sisterhood to us. They serve coffee with all-day brunch and breakfast. They had the best eggs benedict I’ve had in Australia, and that’s an extremely high compliment coming from me!

4. Jackman and McRoss

If you’re looking for a next-level bakery, this is your stop. Jackman and McRoss is located in the historic suburb of Battery Point. I rarely see bakeries with the selections that these guys have. They boast danishes, croissants, lemon berry tarts, and savory cheese quiches in the front window. We went with some close friends of ours, and all got something from the savory menu and something from the sweet one - this one gets my highest recommendation!

5. Pigeon Hole

The Pigeon Hole is shyly tucked into West Hobart; we only discovered it because it was next to our Airbnb. It looks modest from the front but has a bunch of seating in the back. They have fresh, hot coffee, great fresh muffins, and warm breakfasts perfect for a cold Hobart day.

(photos courtesy Pigeon Hole website)

6. Ginger Brown

If you’re looking for a south Hobart cafe, look no further than Ginger Brown. They have tons of gluten-free, vegan, and dairy-free pastries made fresh. This quaint stop has a euro feel that’s hard to beat. Ginger Brown is the perfect morning date spot.

(photos courtesy Ginger Brown Facebook)