The Best of Tasmania: Bay of Fires, Wineglass Bay, and More

Hello, from Tasmania, Australia!

Rasmus and I have been here in Tasmania for the last three weeks. We’ve been busy working and haven’t had too much time to sightsee. But in the middle of last week, I took the opportunity to explore some of Tasmania’s famous East Coast in the middle of Australian autumn.

What is known as the Great Eastern Drive is the coastline road trip up or down the eastern coast of Tasmania. This trip features dramatic coastlines, lush vineyards, and mountainous backdrops.

Maybe it’s just COVID, but Tasmania still seems severely under-discovered. I’ve enjoyed getting to meet some of the rural Tasmanian people who seem super down to earth. While touring the area, I hardly ran into tourists.

I think this will become a very hot travel destination in the future, post-COVID. I still have some of the breathtaking scenes from my trip stuck in my head; enjoy this blog on north-eastern Tasmania.

In this blog you'll find information on:


Cataract Gorge

The Bay of Fires


Wineglass Bay


We have been staying in Launceston at the Country Villas, at a local golf course. We are no strangers to Tasmania. We spent a few weeks in Hobart in January, which is down south. Tasmania is the last stop on our Australia tour before heading to Auckland, New Zealand, where we will be permanently based.

Launceston, or “Lonnie,” as the locals affectionately call it, is well known for its farmland, historic cities, and rolling hills. The town itself is pretty cu