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Visit Australia | Gold Coast | Hometown Series with Bradley Meechan

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

The more I travel, the more I love my hometown— Albuquerque, New Mexico. And this has inspired me to start this series, the hometown series. I will be interviewing people from around the world and asking them about their personal connections to their hometowns.

Never forget where you came from! Whether you like it or not, your hometown has probably shaped you in more ways than you know. Every time I drift away from New Mexico, the return just gets sweeter.

I hope you enjoy this series. I have collected a variety of people and hometowns around the world. I hope you like their stories and learn something new! If you know someone with a cool hometown, or you’d like to be featured, be sure to contact me above (under about > contact).


A Local’s Guide to the Gold Coast | with Bradley Meechan

Bradley is one of Rasmus' best childhood friends. They grew up together in Queensland, Australia.

I had the pleasure of meeting him at our wedding in June and I already can't wait to see him + his lovely fiancé Brittany again! Here is a photo of them at our wedding.

Rita, Bradley's mom, told me lots of stories about Rasmus when he was a kid. I loved hearing about his anger problem days when he and Bradley were basketball teammates! There is something special about friends from childhood. I feel honored to know Brad.

Meet Bradley

Age 24

of Gold Coast, Australia

"I have lived on the Gold Coast all my life but I am keen to move and experience new cities and cultures. I am a training manager for an education company and I am passionate about traveling, seeing new places and experiencing the world! I am also insanely passionate about sport, in particular, basketball, but I am too shit to play so I coach now instead! I live with my fiancé Brittany (engaged 5/28/19), our two terror dogs Mo and Lolly and a Cat named Mouse... not sure where that name came from haha."

left- Ras, Brad and Nic Barney early 2000s

middle- Rasmus and Brad June 2019

right- Ras, Brad, Brittany and Lindley

About the Gold Coast

According to Brad, the Gold Coast is most well known for white sand, surf beaches, and Surfers Paradise. Surfers Paradise is a seaside resort on Queensland's Gold Coast in eastern Australia. It's known for its high-rise skyline and Surfers Paradise Beach, which hosts a popular market several evenings a week. Along Cavill Avenue are shops, cafes and lively nightclubs. 

The city is also known for its Meter Maids (Australian terminology for a woman assigned by a police or traffic department to write tickets for parking violations), Schoolies (Schoolies or schoolies week, in Queensland Surfers Paradise and Western Australia, refers to the Australian tradition of high-school graduates having week-long holidays following the end of their final exams in late November and early December), and its luxury hotels. The gold coast local area has a very laid back vibe, and its city is a hot spot for tourists.

When he is away Brad says he misses the sunshine, the easy going vibe, and being able to walk anywhere without shoes and get away with it. And food wise, the Asian influence of food that you can rarely find in Europe, UK & the USA.

His favorite place in the city to hangout is Gold Coast Hinterland and Burleigh National Park. Brad enjoys hanging in the outdoors with his friends.


The Gold Coast is widely known as an international hub, with a large fraction of the people living in the area on Visa's. The food variety can be shocking to visitors.

Australia doesn't really have its own cultural food as such, just a mixture of everywhere else! Brad says his favorite place to eat is Ioesco at Sanctuary Cove.

Gold Coasters

Brad told me he loves Gold Coasters because of their laid back nature. Their biggest worry is always the surf conditions for the day. He says a distinctive feature of their people is an iconic old man with long grey hair and leathery skin from years of tanning.


Anytime you are a first timer to a city, you have to see certain things; things that the city or state is known for. For example, you wouldn't (or shouldn't) travel to Paris without seeing the Eiffel tower! Brad says Gold Coast first-timers have to see Burleigh, Byron Bay, Surfers Paradise, the Theme Parks and the Australia Zoo.

Most Instagrammable Spots

Brad is active on Instagram @bradmeechan and has a beautiful page filled with exciting adventures he and his partner, Brittany, have taken. They have travelled all over the world. And most recently got engaged in Central Park, NYC before traveling to our wedding in Mexico in May! When in the Gold Coast he says hit these spots:

Cock Rock - Burleigh

Movieworld Front Gate, Brisbane

Tallebudgera Creek

Surfers Paradise Sign

Skydeck - Q1

Most Underrated Spots

Every city has spots that don’t jump off the TripAdvisor page, but that are worth a visit. And more often than not, these places have less tourists and can be just as cool! Always ask a local. Local Brad says Scenic Rim, Beechmont, and Currumbin Beach are underrated. Check them out!


As you may or may not know, Rasmus is an Australian citizen! His parents played European Handball in the 2000 Olympics after moving from Denmark. Rasmus spent his youth there. Australia 🇦🇺 is at the top of my travel list! I am dying to visit Brad and Brittany in the outback. I must see a kangaroo!

Thank you Brad for contributing to my travel blog, I will visit someday soon!

Who has been to Australia? What is your favorite thing about it?


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