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We Are Moving to New Zealand! | Rasmus Signs Contract with the NZ Breakers

Updated: May 22, 2021

Hello, New Zealand!

It's official! Rasmus has signed a contract with the New Zealand Breakers. We were close to signing with them over the summer before it fell through. They've had some roster limitations due to COVID, among other concerns.

The Breakers play in the National Basketball League (NBL), the top league in Australia, and are among the world’s top leagues. Rasmus is an Australian citizen.

He was born in Denmark and moved to Australia at age two, where his parents later played handball in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. The NBL has been Rasmus's childhood dream. He was raised in Brisbane, Australia, always watching the Brisbane Bullets.

Goodbye, Denmark

Of course, we are sad to be leaving Denmark. We loved our city there, Rasmus' team, as well as the wonderful friends we made over almost three years.

Thank you to all of Ras's coaches, both past and present, who've encouraged him along the way. We left amicably from Randers Cimbria-- they were sad to see us go and welcomed us back anytime. Morten Hansen, the club owner, said,

"Rasmus is a good player, guy, and teammate, who has gotten along really well here with his wife, but we are aware that it is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Rasmus. It's one of the top four or five leagues he's going to play in if he's doing well enough, so we will not stand in the way.

This industry moves fast. We found out the Breakers were interested on December 2nd, and we flew out on the 5th. We packed up our apartment and moved in less than 24 hours.

What's Next: 14-Day Quarantine

For the next few months, we'll be living in Melbourne, Australia. Ras’s team will be based in Melbourne due to COVID. Typically, the Breakers fly to all of their games out of Auckland, New Zealand. They are the only team not based in Australia, so it made sense to relocate closer to the other teams.

“The club found out their playing schedule for January through March today, and Walsh said other Australian cities were considered as a base for the club, but they settled on the Victorian city which is already home to NBL teams - South East Melbourne Phoenix and Melbourne United as well as the head office of the NBL. - TVNZ Article

Before entering the country, we will both have a gnarly 14-day government-issued quarantine. We will not be able to leave the government-issued hotel room during this quarantine and have three meals delivered a day.

It's extreme; however, it's working. Australia is having stellar success with its COVID precautions. I will follow up with a blog about this experience! Raz is released from quarantine on the 21st, and I'll get out on January 12th.

Rasmus in the NBL News

December 18th, 2020

The Sky Sport Breakers have completed their 10-man NBL roster with the signing of 1.93 metre Danish international Rasmus Bach on a two-year contract.

However, the 25-year old qualifies as a ‘local player’ because he holds an Australian passport having spent his childhood in Sydney and Brisbane.

Bach also has permanent residency in America after winning a scholarship to play basketball at Fort Lewis College in Colorado, where he has completed a Degree in Sports Administration.

The Shooting Guard joins the Breakers from Danish club Randers Cimbria where he averaged 12.5 points, 6.1 rebounds and 2.3 assists in a COVID ravaged season.

The team was on a 19-4 run before the pandemic cut the year short.

“Rasmus is a player who will give us depth, in both guards and wing positions, and I’m hoping he can develop into a good rotation player who can contribute,” said Sky Sport Breakers Head Coach Dan Shamir.

“He’s got the body, he’s got the potential, he’s got the drive, and he’s very hungry to play in the NBL, and that’s why we’ve signed him.”

Bach is currently on day-12 of Melbourne quarantine and will fulfill a lifelong dream when he joins his new Breakers’ teammates on Sunday.

“Growing up in Australia, the NBL was the league I watched, and the first NBL games I ever went to was the Brisbane Bullets against the Breakers in 2008,” he said.

“Even though I moved to America as a 12-year-old, I kept my eye on the NBL and would always watch the games.

“I always dreamed of coming to the NBL, and I’m super thankful to the Breakers and the organization for giving me this opportunity.

“I’m all about winning. Whatever the coach and team want me to do, I’m willing to do.”

While Bach may be unfamiliar to many kiwis, Shamir has revealed the Breakers have been watching him for months.

“We were intrigued with him the moment we saw him a few months ago,” he said.

“The only thing that delayed us signing him was that the NBL schedule this year was very different, and we wanted to keep our last spot open till the last minute.”

The season tips off on January 15.


We are over the moon. But also, it's been a very rough transition. Between the loss of my mom, the move, and the border separation Raz and I endured -- it's been difficult!

But adversity doesn't scare us. We are trying to adjust, seize the day, and have faith in the kindness of strangers. It's not all rainbows and butterflies; there are countless 12+ hour flights, sleepless nights, body aches, and tears in this nomadic lifestyle.

Still, we are up for the challenge. I'll keep you updated here. On the super bright side, after three dark and stormy winters in Denmark, we are headed into SUMMER! Serious silver lining.

Happy Holidays everyone! Hold your loved ones close. 2020 is almost over, and we are looking forward to 2021.



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