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Places We've Lived

We are in our fourth year abroad and learning more about other cultures and each other every day. Between us, we hope to soon have four passports: American, Australian, Danish and Spanish

Image by Caleb Russell


Image by Nick Karvounis


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New Zealand

Our Timeline Abroad



Rasmus signed his first professional basketball contract in July of 2018 after he finished his last season at Fort Lewis College. We moved to Randers Denmark shortly after to play for Randers Cimbria. 

Rasmus was born in Denmark and therefore we were able to spend lots of time with his family. Rasmus also speaks Danish! 




Rasmus's season in Denmark was cut short in May, where they took the silver. Later that year, he signed to the New Zealand Breakers in the Australian NBL.


We played this entire season on the road, out of hotel rooms, due to COVID. We lived in nearly every major city in Australia. Fun fact: Rasmus was also raised in Australia, and both of his parents played European Handball in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. 



New Zealand

We did get to enjoy life in New Zealand for the month of May, and our fingers are crossed that we'll get to NZ soon. Right now, we are stranded in Australia until the New Zealand border opens. 

We went home to the USA over the summer, and while we were gone the NZ government shut the border for COVID. So fingers crossed that we'll get there soon!

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