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2.5 Trillion in Coronavirus Cash Handouts | Denmark’s Approach to Avoiding Another Great Depression

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

"Fuck Corona" pictured outside a large

apartment complex in Aarhus on March 22nd.

Being an American living in one of the world’s most socialist countries during a global pandemic has been absolutely fascinating. Denmark has just announced a very aggressive plan to offset the economic downturn due to the coronavirus. To be clear they are not handing out loans, they are actually giving out cash— no strings attached. Basically the overall idea is to save the strong economy here, and after it is all over business theoretically should be able to resume business as usual.

On the Ground Situation

Currently Denmark has closed down universities, schools, public institutions, restaurants, museums, cinemas. No assembly of more than 10 people is allowed. The borders have been closed too. This is the situation in many countries right now, and we are prepared for stricter regulations coming down the pipe in the next press conference.

What Denmark is Actually Doing

Denmark is truly taking extreme measures to combat the financial crisis that it being felt around the world. Flemming Larsen, a professor at the Center for Labor Market Research at Denmark’s Aalborg University explained to the Atlantic,

“We are freezing the economy. Because otherwise the government is afraid of the long-term damage that this will do to the entire system. The hope is that this will be over in three or four months, and then we can start up society again.”

In order to freeze said economy the government told private companies hit by the effects of the pandemic that it would pay 75 percent of their employees’ salaries to avoid mass layoffs. The plan could require the government to spend as much as 13 percent of the national economy in just three months. That is roughly the equivalent of a $2.5 trillion stimulus in the United States spread out over just 13 weeks.

A frozen economy means that money is still coming in and going out, as if nothing happened. Basically a week in January might not look that different from a week in March in ones bank account. And that is the goal. It is a quick fix, to bandaid up the economy through and through, in hopes that come mid April or May that we will open up our front doors and assume business as usual.

These are actions you have never seen before. It is quite extraordinary, but we are also in an extraordinary situation - Nicolai Wammen, Minister of Finance

A max of $3,288 per month per person is available to private companies as long as they do not fire people. The company just has to notify the government that they are prepared to lay off 30% of their workforce or fire at least 50 employees, and the country has agreed then to pay 75% of the workers’ salaries. With the caveat, that these workers will agree not to work (hello quarantine and social distancing).

The philosophy is to help companies save their relationships with their employees. It would be much harder to fire everyone, incur the costs, and then spend time rebuilding and rehiring later down the road. This plan is available for three months, which the government is hoping by then the crisis will have passed.

Other Notable Monetary Safety Nets

  • The state is guaranteeing 70 percent of new bank loans to companies.

  • People on unemployment benefits do not have to continue submitting resumes and applying for jobs during this time. They will continue to get their checks.

  • Depending on their loss of income, the government is agreeing to pay for fixed income costs for companies, such as rent and overhead.

  • Spring business taxes for companies have been postponed until fall.

  • All public employees will keep their salaries when sent home.

Reality Check

At 26, I have been talking to my friends here in Denmark, and they are all in the same situation. I do not know anyone who has been fired from their jobs. Basically, everyone is at home, doing their best to socially distance themselves. All of their jobs will be waiting for them when this quarantine lifts, and for now their normal paychecks are coming in. It is no wonder that this is the happiest country on earth...

It is still a stressful situation here, nonetheless. My best friend here in Randers is a nurse, and she is working overtime and is on the frontline fighting the virus. But at least Danes can go to sleep at night knowing that the majority of bills are paid and they will not be kicked out into the streets.

Of course, being married to a Dane and living in Denmark I have become accustomed to the socialist ideals here. But in a crisis, it is the only thing that makes since. Denmark is watching out for the little guys and worrying less about the big companies. I love the people-centered approach.

I believe the USA could learn from what we are seeing here. Instead of big bailouts for cruise lines and airlines, I would like to see the US dump trillions into the pockets of hard-working Americans. I know so many small businesses in the USA that could benefit from these safety nets. In this way, the government is also keeping people home and stopping the spread, two birds, one stone. Obviously, it is a huge bill to fit, but Denmark sees no other way.


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2 comentarios

23 mar 2020

Hi Mark, you are right, there are going to be so many interesting dissertations and research projects coming from our current situation. I have done some reading that suggests the way that Denmark is handling the current situation is rooted in the falling out of 2008. Denmark decided that they would be prepared for any situation such as this, and therefore they are exercising that power now.

I hope the US can learn and grow as well. What an interesting election year it will be!! Important issues on the ballot, for certain.

Me gusta

There will be a lot to learn in the coming weeks and months. Scientists couldn't have planned such a social experiment and now it is a reality. Dissertations are basically writing themselves all over the world in political science, medicine, environmentalism, economics, etc. Certainly we should have heightened awareness during this time and it is completely okay to be worried our even scared. In the US, my hope is that we do not return to "business as usual". What is happening right now demonstrates shortcomings in our systems that must be addressed. Thanks for sharing the info about how things are being handled in Denmark. Stay safe and be well.

Me gusta
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