24 Hours of Chocolate, Waffles and Diamonds | 8 Reasons to Visit Bruge

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Living in Europe is a real treat. I love being able to hop on and off cheap flights and explore. In the last six months, I have hit six countries. And thus far, Bruge is my favorite city! I was recommended this stop on my trek from Amsterdam to Paris by my good friend Sascha. And OMG am I glad she recommended it. Bruge is known for: Belgian waffles, chocolate, beer, fries, lace, and diamonds! There was so much to eat and see in this darling city.

Bruge is a city of about 100,000 people on the west coast of Belgium, not very far from the ocean. And visiting in springtime is just wonderful. Walking through this city, you can feel how old it is. It is lined with cobblestones and churches that were constructed in the early ADs. Many of the streets are walking only and the entire city center has about a 2-mile radius. We rented the cutest AirBnB that came with a pair of cruiser bikes, which was perfect.

When life gets tough, this is the city I want to hole up in for a month. Everything about this city was just so quaint and charming, especially after visiting a monster like Amsterdam. I really want to take my mom to visit this spot.

The city centers around a central marketplace and spirals outward in a perfect circle. Within the city you can get boat tours through the canals and under the ancient bridges. I did a fair amount of research before this trip and got some great recommendations from the locals. This is a small city and can be done in just a few days. Below are my musts!

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Your Guided Rendezvous

Blackbird Breakfast

You know how serious I am about my food. My sister YELPed this restaurant. It is the cutest French spot, it is an entirely French menu with French staff (they are not the friendliest, but that doesn't matter). The food was absolutely amazing! If you want a three-tiered brunch, be sure to make a reservation. This restaurant has a great view of the Belfry.