We are Headed to Randers, Denmark for Year Three!

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Year Three Comin' At Yah!

Surprise! We are moving back to Denmark for Raz's third basketball season. And honestly, we could not be happier. We adore the Randers Cimbria Club, especially the team owner, Morten Hansen, staff, and some of Raz's teammates who've been with us for the last three years.

Bach Basketball Update

Here is the quick rundown of Raz's 2020 basketball journey. This article originally appeared in the Randers Newspaper, the Randers Amtsavis. I have translated it from Danish to the best of my ability:

History repeats itself: Cimbria profile was slipped - now he comes again

Last summer, Rasmus Bach had traveled back to the USA before deciding to return for another season in Randers Cimbria, and now history repeats itself. Randers Cimbria has secured the 25-year-old point guard for another season.

Randers: Rasmus Bach has twice tried to say goodbye to Randers Cimbria, but the point guard can apparently not do without the Kronjysk club.

Just like last summer, Rasmus Bach was taken back to the USA at the beginning of May, where he has had his primary residence since 2008, but again he returns for a new season in the Randers Cimbria jersey. The third of its kind.

- There has been interest from New Zealand, Spain, and France, but the clubs have ended up cutting budgets due to the corona, and it has affected me, among other things. But I am extremely happy to be back in Randers. I know I can continue my development here, and then I might be able to take a step to a bigger league next season, says Rasmus Bach.

The 25-year-old point guard mentions the club's big replacement as an unknown ahead of the season, but he feels convinced that the Kronjyders will have a life at the fun end.

- I believe that we can play for the Danish Championship title. At least we have the talent again, but it's about how quickly we get to click together as a team, assesses Rasmus Bach.

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