8 Tips for Solo Travel

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Sitka Totem Park. Sitka, Alaska.

(Lindley pictured hugging a totem pole in Sitka, Alaska)

I love traveling solo. I've been fortunate in my first job to have the opportunity to travel around the western United States. In those two years I planned multi-week trips by myself to California, Alaska, Wyoming, Utah, Oregon and Colorado.

And now that I live in Europe I'm stretching myself even more. This last year, 2019, I've been to France, Belgium, Denmark, England, The Netherlands, Spain and Czech Republic. And Mexico.

I think everyone can benefit from traveling alone. You learn a lot about yourself and have time to think and focus outside your normal routine. You can plan elaborates trip in hotels, or go the cheap route and crash with family and friends. It is a great time to read a good book or listen to that podcast you haven't had time for.

From one solo traveler to another, here are my prized tips for having an awesome solo trip.

Eat at the bar

I know it can be intimidating to eat by yourself, but this has become my favorite past time. I oftentimes bring a book or some work, but many times I talk to the other bar patrons or bartenders. My favorite bar is in Salt Lake City, Utah it's called The Copper Onion. I love that bar because it looks over the kitchen, so you can watch the yummy food being made (order the lamb chops). Branch out!

Free gym memberships

When you are in a new city, look up local gyms. Many gyms have a free trial class. This is how I discovered SoulCycle, and this is my favorite way to workout on the road. These classes are hot and sweaty and feature a ton of fun music and good company. I've also done free classes at CrossFit, Orange Theory, Hatha Yoga and 24 Hour Fitness gyms. Don't miss out on these FREE classes.

SoulCycle Austin, Texas