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9 Podcasts For Your Next Road Trip

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

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In all of my travel the last two years, I've gotten really into podcasts. Podcasts are the best use of your time when you are stuck sitting for hours. I often compare podcasting to meditating, both exercises allow your brain to shut off for a while and consider other ideas. I love podcasts that challenge my thinking, teach me new things, make me laugh and inspire me. I aim to podcast at least two hours per week.

I start each morning with Up First by NPR, to get all of the worlds happenings in under 10 minutes, and I usually finish it before my coffee. I'm subscribed to over 50 podcasts, but these are my tops. Most of these below have hour long episodes that are perfect for the car.

  1. Beautiful Anonymous- this is one of my all time favorites! The host, Chris Gethard, takes anonymous callers and talks through important times in their lives.

  2. Ted Radio Hour- if you are inspired by TED talks at all, this show will consistently surprise you and challenge your mind.

  3. The Tony Robbins Podcast- I’m a sucker for a good life coach. Tony Robbins calls people on their bullsh*t, and helps them overcome and live their best life. If I’m feeling like I need some inspiration this one is perfect.

  4. This American Life- hosted by Ira Glass, the mother of all podcasts! These weekly shows are groundbreaking and often look at problems through first-person narratives.

  5. Death, Sex and Money- I’ve just discovered this one, and I love it. “Ron” from Parks and Rec was featured last week! This podcast loves to explore taboo topics that aren’t “polite conversation”

  6. Guys We’ve F****d- two comedians host this podcast, Kristina and Corinne, and each week they feature a guest and talk about life and social issues. They often interview other comedians, and I typically get a good laugh! (jump to 30 minutes to miss the advertisements)

  7. Serial- if you haven’t listened to this one yet, you are missing out. This is the series that went viral, that investigates the murder of a young high school girl, a true story! And through the show, you can decide for yourself who the killer is.

  8. Hidden Brain- in this pod Shankar Vedantam uses science and storytelling to reveal the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, shape our choices and influence our relationships

  9. Fresh Air- hosted by Terry Gross, is composed primarily of interviews with prominent figures in various fields, among them entertainment and the arts, culture, journalism, and global current affairs

What are your favorite podcasts? Comment below and let me know! I'd love to review them.

If you aren't already podcasting, your apple or android products have built in apps designed to podcast. I have also been listing to podcasts via Spotify. Enjoy!


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