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Bach Life Update: Retirement from Basketball and a New Chapter!

Dear Friends and Family,

We hope you're doing well! We have some big news.

Goodbye, Basketball

We are excited to share that Rasmus has decided to retire from professional basketball. It’s been an incredible six-year career that took us on an unforgettable journey through Denmark, New Zealand, and Australia. The countless memories, challenges, and rewards we have experienced on and off the court will forever hold a special place in our hearts. As we bid farewell to the world of professional basketball, we are excited to share that we will be moving back home to the United States.

Seeking New Opportunities

With this transition, Rasmus is actively pursuing new career opportunities. He is particularly interested in exploring roles within professional sports organizations, college sports, or sales. However, he remains open to considering all possibilities. Additionally, we are flexible regarding job location within the US.

We kindly request your support and assistance during this exciting time. If any opportunities or connections arise over the next three to six months that align with Rasmus’s interests, we would greatly appreciate you keeping us in mind and forwarding them along.

Thank You!

A million thank yous to those we’ve connected with during our time abroad through Randers Cimbria, the New Zealand Breakers, the Brisbane Bullets, and the Logan Thunder. Special thanks to Ethan and Ari from Consumer51 for employing Lindley through multiple time zone changes! And thank you also to our loyal family, Duncan (our agent), and our friends; your unwavering support means everything. ❤️

With love and gratitude,

Rasmus & Lindley

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Aug 05, 2023

You've had some amazing experiences and it's all just part of the journey that you two are sharing together. You two are awesome and I know it's just the start of all the great things coming your way. Crystal and I hope to see you soon after you return to the US and come visit us in Denver - well, Aurora, technically. ~ Mark and Crystal

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