9 Things to See in Amsterdam | A Three Day Guide

Updated: May 10, 2021

I just left Amsterdam, and I am absolutely blown away by how much I enjoyed this city. I have been sick of cities overall, just for all the traffic, people and public transport. But this city is different.

I found Amsterdam to be extremely charming. I loved walking the canals, and the architecture is so cute. The colored buildings with oversized window shutters and tulips are to die for. I spent three days there with my little sister Adela, and I think it was the perfect amount of time.

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9 Things to See in Amsterdam

Narrow Houses of Damrak

This strip “Damrak” is a great place to start in Amsterdam. It is iconic Amsterdam, you’ll get to see the narrow houses built right atop the water and you can watch all the tour boats go through the canals. This area is right below the central station in Amsterdam. To see it, head right out the front of Amsterdam Central Station.

Jordaan Neighborhood

This area is trendy and hipster, you’ll find top-notch coffee shops and even kombucha. We found lots of cute boutiques and churches, and the tight streets are lined with restaurants.

This was my favorite area of the city by far. You could walk through this area and take pictures for hours, it is super adorable. I love the tiny bridges that lead everywhere and the uneven architecture and streets.

Double Tree Hilton Rooftop

In most of my travels, you’ll see that I write about a rooftop bar. Rooftop bars are my absolute go-to. And I love them because I like to start my trips with a birds-eye view of the city. This is a great one in Amsterdam, it is a five-minute walk from Central Station. If you go at sunset you will get a great view of the city.