Starting Our 5th Basketball Season Abroad in… Brisbane!

Updated: Oct 25

I cannot believe we’re starting year five. It just doesn’t seem real. We were two kids right out of college not too long ago. But things are getting serious for us and a bit more stable.

We Signed a Lease

For the first time since 2016, we’ve signed a lease. A 12-month lease! And I am over the moon. We are 30 mins south of Brisbane and 40 mins north of the Gold Coast. So we’re in perfect territory to enjoy Queensland and Australia.

Views from our new house and city

I Took a Job in Australia

I’ve taken a job at an Australian-based company called Spinfluence. I’m working as a Digital Marketing Manager full-time, remote. And I’m really enjoying the team and the Australian culture.

I’m also hoping to settle into our community for the first time in a long time. The last two seasons with the New Zealand Breakers were on the road, so we weren’t anywhere longer than 5 months (max).

Some recent photos from a work trip to

Sydney and a photoshop job from my boss! LOL

SIGNED: Rasmus Bach to the Brisbane Bullets

This signing was probably the most special one for us. Years ago, I asked Rasmus about his goals when we were moving to Denmark, I asked him if he could play anywhere in the world-- where would it be. And he told me the NBL (the Australian League), and then I asked which team, and he said the Brisbane Bullets.

Rasmus grew up in Brisbane, watching the Bullets from age 6 - 12. One of his then-favourite players, Sam Mackinnon, is now the general manager of the basketball team. It’s really come full circle for us. And in our eyes, it’s a manifestation of sorts.

When thinking about goals, we like to visualize things strongly. Imagine colors, feels, exact numbers (dates or dollars), etc. This is a skill I like to attribute to some of my learnings in Klemmer (thanks, mom).

But we feel incredibly blessed to be in our house on our terms. For the first time in a long time, we feel like we’re in the driver’s seat of this basketball journey, which is cool! I took this job before Rasmus had a contract. So the stars have aligned in many ways.

Here’s an excerpt from the Bullets press release:

“He’s worked out all off-season with the Club, where he’s shown his ability to compete day in day out. He’s also a quality human being who and adds depth to our roster,” Mackinnon said.