Best European Christmas Market for 2020 | Christmas in Budapest | Visit Budapest

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Christmas in Budapest

This year I wanted to do something a little different for Christmas. And I wanted to take advantage of Rasmus’ time off. After lots of research and reading reviews I choose Budapest, famous for its Christmas markets and cheap prices.

After our arrival the Advent Christmas Markets at the Basilica won best Christmas market for 2020! And I have to recommend. There are Christmas markets all over Budapest, and they are adorable. You will find lots of mulled wine and Hungarian Christmas speciality food. I also enjoyed seeing artwork from local artists featuring the famous landmarks.

Luckily for us, my little sister was studying abroad in Sevilla, and was able to join us in Hungary. We spent a total of seven days in Budapest, and I feel like we got a good feel for the city. We stayed on the Pest side in an Airbnb above a Louis Vuitton on Andrássay Út; it was a killer location for about $60 a night. You will love the price of your vacation. Rasmus and I spent a total of $1,100 ($550 a person) after our week was said and done— and we basically were eating out everyday, getting warm drinks and buying little knick knacks.

I had fun listening to the language— unlike anything I’ve ever heard; someone told us it is a mix between Mongolian and the Nordic languages. And this region has a rich history. WWI was started in Austria-Hungary. Later during WWII, Hungary was evaded by Nazi Germany and then the soviet union, their history is dark to say the least. In some ways the country is still recovering, the last soviet groups didn’t leave until the 1990s.