Beyond Copenhagen | 6 Underrated Danish Cities That You Should Visit

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

I have now been living in Denmark for over a year, and I feel like I need to show the little cities some love. Before marrying a Dane and moving to Denmark, I honestly don't know if I could name a single city or town in Denmark beyond Copenhagen. I love Copenhagen, but there are some other neat places around the country worth visiting to get the full Danish experience. Denmark is basically broken into three islands: Jutland, Fyn and Sjælland. And at any given time you are no more than 30 miles from the sea.

Personally, I am seeking out small cities for my own travels. Last year I hit the main Pinterest attractions like Amsterdam, Paris and London. But this year, I am ready to go off the beaten path and stretch myself a bit. I grew up in a small town and love the small-town vibe. Here are some alternative Danish cities I recommend visiting while touring Denmark!



Rasmus and I live in Denmark’s sixth biggest city, Randers. The total population is roughly 60,000. To Danes this city is known for being a little rough around the edges. Mostly, I think the city is made up of working-class people and commuters, so it can be hard to find the heart of the city. For me, coming from Albuquerque, our city seems quaint and charming.

In medieval times, this was a market city. And our iconic church downtown, St. Martins Church, was built in the 15th century. Last year we didn’t have a car, so I spent most of my time walking and working in the heart of the city. The downtown area is lined with cobblestones, small restaurants and coffee shops. You won’t find a Starbucks, or any chains. But you’ll definitely be able to find some authentic Danish food like smørrebrød, flæskesteg, and frikadeller to go along with your Danish beer — a Carlsberg or Tuborg.