Copenhagen Without Tourists | Coronavirus Denmark

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Have you ever visited a city, and wondered what it would be like without tourists? I have vacationed around some giant tourist hubs this last year including Amsterdam, Paris, and London.

I always wondered what it would be like without the lines and selfie snappers. And amazingly, because of the coronavirus, I am getting to see some beautiful landmarks here in Denmark without tourists.

Currently, Denmark has closed its borders, to everyone but Danes and a small population of people with work permits. So right now, all of the major Danish icons are virtually people-free. I feel like a VIP tourist!

Rasmus and I ventured into Copenhagen to see the sites. We got a front-row parking spot at nearly everything, and we took unhindered shots of the most beautiful destinations. It was only us and a few other photographers out to capture this phenomenon.

Danes are saying this might be the only time in history we will be able to see these sites without tourists.

Here are a few of my favorite spots in Copenhagen in the middle of the day on a Monday and Tuesday last week. This post has a series of photos where you can see the sites mostly empty, enjoy!


Nyhavn is THE most famous place in Copenhagen. If you've ever heard of Denmark you have likely seen a photo of these colorful buildings. What used to be the main port of entry from the sea to the inner city is now a giant tourist attraction, it is famous among Danes for having outrageously priced smørrebrød.

You can see in the first photo that it is normally filled with people, especially in the spring and summer when it is warm, and also around Christmas to enjoy the lights and hygge.

Rosenborg Castle

This castle is located in the oldest garden in Copenhagen, called the "Kongens Have" meaning the King's Garden. It is a beautiful old castle that I've toured about many times. This garden is normally overflowing with tourists. This area of Copenhagen is exceptionally beautiful. Last week-- crickets!