Discovering Tasmania Like Locals | 11 Weeks in Tasmania

Updated: Nov 3

Welcome to Tasmania!

Or, as locals lovingly call it, “Tassie.” Sitting just off the mainland of Australia, south of Victoria, is the small island of Tasmania. Mostly it’s an untouched paradise full of natural beauty.

From beautiful white sand beaches along the East Coast to the rugged mountain landscapes of the West Coast and just so much to explore in between, there’s always a new pocket of Tasmania waiting to be uncovered.

Living Like Locals

There’s only one way to find the truth out about a city, and that’s to move there! Rasmus and I have officially spent eleven weeks (almost three months) in Tasmania this year. And we expect to spend at least four more weeks here, if not more.

Tasmania is widely known for having the cleanest air in the world.

Tasmania is a kind of “safe zone” when it comes to COVID. They’ve only had a handful of cases since the beginning of the pandemic and have been able to snuff them out before they ever spread widely. We are currently waiting here until the border to New Zealand opens (if it does).

If the borders don’t open we’ll likely live the next 9 months on the road! On the Australian road again! In the meantime, we’ll be here in Tasmania, just living like locals!

We’ve split time now between Hobart and Launceston. And for us, Hobart is a better base. It offers a lot more in the way of food and things to do. But there is natural beauty all around Tasmania!

Top Local Finds in Hobart

The best way to find the cool local stuff in a city? Ask the locals! Here are our favorite under-the-radar finds in Hobart:


Hip bar with a bus parked in the courtyard for seating, serving craft beers, cocktails and burgers.

In the Hanging Garden

A live music and cultural precinct, featuring music venues and an extensive tiered beer garden with kitchens and bars. Don't blink, because you'll miss the entrance!

Jokers Comedy Club