Every Danish Pastry You Need to Try in Denmark | Danish Pastries 101

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

As Americans when you think of Danish pastries, what comes to mind? Maybe cherry filling, cream cheese, and flakey dough? In the states we are used to eating “Danishes,” but the original Danish pastry, from Denmark, is a bit different. It is called a spandauer.

I put my honeymoon body on the line for this post! There is not one pastry that I did not try. It just would not be fair to review these tasty sweets without trying every single one. So, you are welcome! 😉 But truly, there is nothing like waking up early and heading down to our local bakery, to get warm treats that come straight from the oven.

I have traveled all over Europe, and I have to say that Denmark has some of the best of the best. When traveling to Denmark, you have to try at least three of my top ten items. All of these gorgeous delicacies came from our local Randers bakeries. And I have listed them in order, starting with my favorite.

Your Professional Taste-Testers

Rasmus and I are pictured here at our favorite local bakery, Lagkagehuset. I am with my favorite cake, Christianshavnerkage, and Rasmus has a chocolate cake wrapped in Marizpan. Lagkagehuset bakeries are all over Denmark, and are a do not miss!


Exclusively at Lagkagehuset

The name is a mouthful, phonetically it sounds like christians-houn-cake To my surprise, this one is not actually super well-known among Danes, but for me is King. The bottom is a nut filled cake, and the top is a creamy, yogurt foam of sorts. I love it because it is not super sweet and always seems to hit the spot.


Also, another unpopular vote among Danes, the Kartoffelkage isn’t much to look at, but it is divine. I discovered this gem on accident when trying to speak with an older baker who didn’t speak English. She just threw it in my bag. It is an old Danish cake from the early 1900s made to look like a potato in the dirt. The outside is marzipan and the inside if filled with white cake and cream. Marzipan is found in many Danish treats, and I am obsessed with it!