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Meet Our Town | Randers, Denmark

Updated: Jul 25, 2020


In college I was a campus tour guide. I used to be really good at walking backwards and talking about college life. I have always loved to talk... I also loved giving tours! So this feels familiar to me, only this time, I'm showing you a city that I'm not so familiar with. I'll give you another tour in eight months, and we can see what changes.

Randers is really starting to grow on me. This sleepy little town is beautiful in the fall time. On this tour, we take you from our street down through the middle of town and out to the water where town ends.

In the video you saw a few landmarks around the city including the old town hall with a statue of Niels Ebbesen, St. Clemens Church, the jutlandic stallion, and red fall byport (the big white landmark).

Yesterday we made our first trip to Copenhagen for a game. And I've noticed that the brick is a staple in the architecture throughout the country, and I love the homey vibe it has. The cities also take real pride in their artwork. Every city that we drove through had sculptures and art that was interesting to look at. The entire country is so instagrammable.

On our tour through Randers, we also stopped by Frellsen to pick up some Danish treats. I am obsessed with this treat called a flødebolle-- it's essentially a giant truffle filled with a marshmallow-ie filling, hard to explain, you'll have to try it. It is safe to say-- I don’t think I’m going to starve here. Next to Frellsen, there is also a fresh bakery that you can smell from half a mile away! Denmark is a gluten-lovers paradise... Ras and I like to stop there Saturday morning on our way to the market. I absolutely love that the food around here is local-- bread, meat, dairy, veggies etc.

One thing you didn't see in my video: THE BIKES. Bikes are everywhere. Outside of every building there are bikes, hundreds sometimes. I love how active it makes the community. It's probably easier to bike around town than drive.


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