How to Get Amazing Photos of Yourself While Traveling Solo | AirBnB Experiences Madrid, Spain

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

AirBnB Experience | Madrid, Spain

“Private Tour Including Photo Shoot”

$50 / person

Last Wednesday I discovered the coolest solo-traveler Airbnb experience! Have you ever been traveling alone, and needed someone to take your photo? Typically, you have to ask a stranger to take the photo and you end up with an off-centered, maybe blurry photo with hair in your eyes.

This is THE solution to getting sharp, crisp, creative photos while out adventuring alone. I am so glad that while in Madrid I opted for a private photo session offered through Airbnb Experience. We spent three hours, 9AM - 12AM, walking around Madrid. I actually had a wonderful tour of Madrid, my photographer gave me Spanish history and talked extensively about the Spanish monuments. And in addition to getting to learn the city, I was photographed at each spot.

Because Madrilians (Madrid locals) love to sleep, 9AM was the perfect photoshoot opportunity. We were nearly alone for every one of the photo locations. My photographers, Kirsten and her associate Lola, made me laugh the whole time. It was far from awkward, I felt like I had known these women for years. We even had a drink together mid-experience. After it was all over we made friends and even enjoyed a night out on the town together.

NOTE: This would also be a super cool experience for couples. I would have loved to drag Rasmus to one of these rendezvous. We are going to Budapest in December...

The greatest thing about this was that my sister was coming in that night to spend time with me, and I had already taken all the photos I wanted, so then I could focus my attention on her and truly experiencing the city and its history—phone free. As a content creator, I am constantly taking photos which can be annoying, so this is a wonderful way to get it all done in three hours. You get to take home amazing photos and memories!

I selected this tour based on reviews. Kirsten had 4.97 stars, and I am super rating-sensitive. Always read reviews, they are the best insight into what will really happen. I would have given Kirsten 6 stars! For $50 a got a stellar tour and 200+ photos, although she only advertised that I would get 50.

On our tour we walked 7 miles, and saw these famous spots:

Templo de Debod