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I'm Not Getting Kicked Out of Denmark

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Or at least not yet, anyways.

I know you had no idea... but I almost got kicked out of Denmark! The EU has a rule that says foreigners can only stay for 90 days within 180 days. And my 90 days ended on January the 3rd. Rasmus and I were scrambling to figure out how to get me to stay in the country.

Lucky for us, I got a job! Having a job means I got a work visa. I started working for Ras' professional basketball team, Randers Cimbria, as a marketing/media guru and women's coach. I am going to start doing some of their graphic design as well as continue to do pre and post-game interviews with the team and coaches. And having a job here also means a little extra Danish income, which definitely won’t hurt considering we are saving up for our wedding!

Do you like my debut game day flyer? It is taking every bit of self-restraint I have to keep myself from using Rasmus as the star of every piece of marketing material. I am trying to be impartial, but you know I’m not. I am really enjoying broadening my design skills, and I’m having to use Adobe InDesign and Illustrator to produce content.

For now, I am good to stay in the country until his season ends. But we are hoping that this time next year I will have Spanish citizenship, so that we won’t have to go through this headache again.

I also made this video for Randers Cimbria, you can see our home court atmosphere when it's full:

You can follow Rasmus' team on Facebook here:

Overall on the season they are 12/9, but I think they are going to end the season with a bang. Rasmus is really starting to look strong and confident on the court, which is really fun for me. You can see some of his latest highlights here:

All is well over here in Scandinavia!

Up next on my travel docket is Spain on the 25th of this month to see Aunt Ana, Uncle Robert and cousin Emilia. Then my sister Adela will meet me in Amsterdam in late March and we will being doing the Amsterdam, Bruges and Paris foray.

Stay tuned for more travel posts!


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