June 12, 2020

Hi, I'm Lindley!

I'm so happy you're here! Welcome to my travel blog. Here you'll find my whole life in little photo squares and neatly crafted blurbs, but don't be fooled, it's a lot messier than this. 

From seeing the Eiffel Tower at sunrise to almost getting kidnapped in Prague, you'll find it all. I've visited ten countries in the last year! If you're looking for travel inspiration, you've come to the right place.

Life Update: NEW JOB! Digital Marketing Specialist at Your Service | Consumer51

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Hey All!

I am excited to share that I have taken a job with a private marketing agency, Consumer51. I will be their in-house SEO/SEM Digital Marketing Specialist. You can see the posted role here: https://xynergy.com/our-company/careers/seo-sem-digital-marketing-manager

My company builds beautiful, robust digital marketing strategies. If you have a project for me, I would love to consider it. Since you're here, you probably know my creative style and digital personality and I would love to help establish your online presence. Coronavirus has revealed how important online business is; this industry is more relevant now than ever.

You can see the full list of our services here: https://www.consumer51.com/services/

Thank you to all of my readers who've pushed me and believed in me! This is a fully-remote position that will allow Rasmus and me to continue following our dreams. As long as I have strong WiFi, I will be out creating and shaping the digital marketing industry! #DigitalNomad

Follow my career: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lindleyg/

See my portfolio: https://lindley.myportfolio.com/

#digitalmarketing #SEO #contentcreation #newjob #comsumer51


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