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NEW EPISODE: Featuring Germany - Marisa Robinson / Justin Robinson

Brose Bamberg, Germany - Marisa Robinson / Justin Robinson (Scoop)

In this episode, I have Marisa Robison, who's originally from New Jersey. She’s the creator of Full Court Wife, an Instagram page that connects women in the basketball-wife industry worldwide.

She’s lived across four countries, Russia, France, Italy, and Germany, with her partner, Justin Robinson aka Scoop. We talk about living in different cultures, COVID, basketball contract struggles, and making the most out of our situations.

I really enjoyed this conversation! Enjoy.

Watch the interview below, or listen to the full podcast. Enjoy!

Meet Marisa Robinson

Age 26 of Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, USA

"I’m 26, from New Jersey, currently in Germany with my husband. We are almost done, playoffs have begun! I work full time but am able to work remotely while overseas, and then I go into the office while home in the states, so very lucky for that. I have the best boss who loves my husband and understands our life 100%.

My husband is my whole world. There’s truly no one else I’d rather follow around the world. Supporting him is really what my life revolves around. Doesn’t matter the time differences, air miles, etc. I'm there with no questions asked! I truly feel blessed with the life we have, no matter the ups and downs. We have two rescue fur babies who mean more than anything to us!

I also started Full Court Wife back in 2020. It was something I wanted to do for a long time, the pandemic actually made it possible as I had no other choice than to sit down and focus on it. I’m a very on the go, constantly doing something, moving around person, so for me in a weird way, being locked in the house was a blessing in disguise as it allowed to me to stop focus and see my idea through!

We got married in 2020 (civil ceremony), 2021 had our church ceremony and reception! Covid couple!" - Marisa

Justin Robinson's Basketball History

Current: Brose Bamberg, Easy Credit BBL, Germany, 5th year overseas.


Avtodor Saratov, Russia, VTB, 2017-2018.

Élan Chalon, France, LNB Pro A, 2018-2020.

Victoria Libertas Pesaro, Italy, Lega Basket Serie A (LBA), 2020-2021.

An interview video of Justin:

Recent season highlight:

Question of the Season

Lindley: What is one thing that you would say to someone about to embark on this lifestyle?

Marisa: "Well, one of the things that Justin and I always say to each other, is 'if anybody if anyone can, it's us.' So one of the main things that I would say to anyone just getting started in this life if anyone can, it's you, you know. You're so much stronger than you know, you're so much stronger than you think.

If anyone can, it's you.

And if you have any doubts about your strength or anything, this lifestyle will teach you that you can literally handle anything that comes your way. Things you never thought in a million years would happen to you or your partner will happen.

And you know, you're going to learn your strength, you're going to learn how to block out a lot of noise, and how to be so independent and take care of you and the person you love. So just keep pushing forward and just stay strong and you're so much stronger than you know!"

I loved interviewing Marisa. Please take a listen to the episode and let me know what you think. Subscribe, share it with a friend, or nominate someone you know. Thanks!


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