Married to the Game: JackJumpers, Australia - Michelle Weeks / Jarrad Weeks

Updated: Jun 7

I interview Michelle Weeks (Mic), a life coach, a mum, and a former primary teacher, in this episode. She’s also a dear friend and one of my favorite people I’ve met in this crazy road life.

We spent four months together parading around Australia with the New Zealand Breakers while she was pregnant. She seriously rocked it! She's married to Jarrad Weeks of the NBL JackJumpers, who appeared in the grand final in their debut season.

Watch the interview here, or listen to the full podcast. Enjoy!

Meet Michelle Weeks

Age 33 of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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"Our life is a big adventure! We have been on the road for 8ish years and we have soaked up the places we have lived and the people we have met along the way. In that time I have transitioned from working as a full-time primary school teacher to building my own business as a life coach, helping Mums to understand how their mindset impacts their everyday life.

I am a Mum to my cute wee man Freddie, who is the centre of our world nowadays. I also love being in nature, particularly anywhere that includes being near or in the water! In my spare time, I love to read, journal, cook, and go to the gym. I currently work three days per week and Mum the other days," - Michelle