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Our First Christmas Card | Paperless Post 2018

Updated: Jul 25, 2020


Are you allowed to send Christmas cards before the wedding? I don't know the rules. But I don't care because I love Christmas cards! And how could I not? This picture is just so festive. I have very fond memories of seeing family photos pour into my parent's home growing up in December. I believe this the first of many for Rasmus and I. And it might just be my first and last Christmas card as a Gallegos..

I chose to send our card virtually this year. 1) Because we are in Denmark and postage is outrageously expensive (to the tune of $5 to send a postcard to the US) and 2) because I like to think I'm saving some trees. We used Paperless Post. The interactive e-greeting is super fun, check out our card here!

Christmas cards are a great way to let your people know that you are thinking of them, and update them to what's happening in your world. As a millennial, virtual cards are so appealing!

Are you interested in using Paperless Post to make a card? Use my link, and you'll get 25 coins free to create your card!


(Merry Christmas in Danish)


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