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Our Road Life Marathon Continues! Month 23

We left our permanent housing in Denmark in May of 2020 when COVID hit and have been on the road ever since! Some days it’s the worst, and other days we take full advantage of the situation.

We just said goodbye to this beautiful bunch of people. Another basketball season abroad, season four, is in the books.

Goodbye, Melbourne

We spent the last five months in Melbourne, the longest of our stints anywhere, and we absolutely loved it! I’m going to really miss my gals, the 'Lady Breaker' crew. My sister also stayed with us for eight weeks, and I’m so grateful for her.

Thank you to the Breakers organization who’s given us this wild ride the last two years: the Walsh family, Dan Shamir, Mody Maor, James Reid, Simon Edwards, Emily Nolan, Jonathan Sandler, and Raz’s unbelievably amazing teammates, whom I adore! These guys played every game on the road and still endured and stayed together.

Hello, Brisbane

We are spending our off-season in Brisbane, Queensland, while Rasmus plays with the NBL1 team, the Logan Thunder. Rasmus played for this club as a junior!

WATCH: Danish-born, Logan-raised Rasmus Bach is ready to take to the court for the Thunder. - MyNewsFeed

Logan-raised Rasmus Bach is back in the town where it all began for him as a basketballer. Now he’s suiting up for the Logan Thunder in the NBL1 North.

It’s sweet to be back in Queensland; a bit of a homecoming. We’re headed into winter, but Brisbane is kind of the Phoenix of Australia, so I’m excited to get outside and explore the area.

Many of Raz’s childhood friends are here, including Brad Meechan and Nic Barney, whom we are keen to catch up with. Below are some photos of Raz as a junior:

The Homesick Heartache

I am sad not to head back to the USA this summer for the first time since we moved abroad. It just didn’t make sense for us this year. We wanted to try and enjoy the off-season in Australia and slow down.

Usually, it doesn’t feel like a vacation when we travel home because we try to pack in so much. So we are doing a “stay-cation” here in Queensland instead.

We got into the new digs, and the Logan Thunder welcomed us with open arms and made us comfortable!

Did you want to see the Great Barrier Reef? Now is a great time to visit us!

Sending lots of love from down under,



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