Six Things to do Peru | Peru Travel Tips

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

I love Perú!

I had the pleasure of spending time in Peru with some close friends who are Peruvian. We had an exceptional, local first-hand experience.

My mom, sister, and I traveled south for about ten days. We flew into Lima, the capital of Peru, which is a massive city on the beach with about ten million people.

Then we ventured further south to see one of the Seven Wonders of the World—Machu Picchu. This ancient city floored me. I also loved the people, the colorful culture, and the food! We tried a Guinea pig!

The best time to travel to Peru is debatable. Lots of blogs will encourage you to visit in Winter (May to October) because it is the driest. But we went in Summer (December – March), and I loved it! It was a fabulous temperature the whole time.

Of course, come prepared to trek Peru. You’ll need full hiking artillery, including hiking boots, raincoats, and LOTS of bug spray. Machu Picchu is in the Amazon Rainforest, and you’ll get Amazon sized bug bites if you don’t spray.

If you ever get the chance, this is a once in a lifetime kind of trip that you’ll never forget. In about ten days, we saw just about everything I wanted to see. Here are some Peru travel tips from my recent trip!


Places to Visit in Peru


Our first stop was in Puno, which is famous for the human-made Uros Floating Islands on the crystal blue water of Lake Titicaca, which straddles Peru and Bolivia. The Urus people have constructed these islands out of reeds.

The native people still live there today, but the islands used to be for protection from their enemies. Now you can go and see the local way of life. Puno itself sits at 12,556 thousand feet elevation, and it was enough to make me queasy. Make sure to get there early to avoid altitude sickness and move about slowly until you adjust.