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We Moved to Australia! | Video Update

Hello, lovely people across the globe!

We realize it's been a while since we've done a video update. In this video, we discuss our experience of the last few months and what it's been like moving to Australia.

Bait and Switch

Yes, I know we said we were moving to New Zealand. We were just as surprised as you to find out that we'd never actually get to see New Zealand, even though Raz is playing for the New Zealand Breakers!

The Breakers play basketball in the NBL, which is the National Basketball League, based in Australia. They're kind of like Hawaii to the Rocky Mountain Conference in the USA. The league figured it would be best to relocate them for the season to offset any COVID complications they might endure.

So here we are! After eight weeks on the road, we have landed in downtown Melbourne. Our fingers are crossed that we will stay here for the rest of the season (the season ends in July).

Apartment Tour:

About Melbourne

Melbourne is the capital of the southeastern Australian state of Victoria. At the city's center is the modern Federation Square development, with plazas, bars, and restaurants along the Yarra River.

The Southbank area holds the National Gallery of Victoria, with Australian and indigenous art. Melbourne is also famous for hosting the Australian Open, a famous tennis tournament. This city is beaming with life!

Melbourne: home to the world's best coffee

Melbourne has been voted the most livable city in the world and the city with the best coffee! We've been here about two weeks, and I concur. There are amazing coffee spots around every corner, with killer coffee, and it does seem livable! The Melbournites are known as coffee snobs; fair enough, they've been spoiled.

Thus far, we've spent a few quality days on the beach! The beach life across Australia has really struck me. I didn't realize that virtually every city here boasts great beaches! I am very thankful for this after a number of dark winters in northern Europe.

Sending love around the world! Stay tuned for blogs on Melbourne, Melb, as the locals affectionately call it.


A few photos from Melb --


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