48 Hours in Mexico City

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

My mom, sister, and I spent the last 48 hours in Mexico City. And I loved it! I was surprised by how easy the city is to get around. I recommend using Uber, it was super easy and convenient - who would have guessed! However most drivers don't speak English, so if your Spanish isn't strong you may struggle a bit.

Mexico City

We stayed in the center of the historic district by the zócalo, at the Zócalo Central Mexico City, which was relatively affordable for $170 a night. $170 gets you a long way in Mexico! The rooms were super nice, but in addition to the room and beautiful facilities, food was included. There was a cute cafe that was open 24/7 to make you anything you wanted-- coffee, snacks, meals, etc. And the staff was spectacular. This hotel features a rooftop restaurant, which we enjoyed each morning for a 5-star breakfast that was also included in the cost.

Two days in the city is the PERFECT amount. All of the people and big-city things would make it hard to endure for more than 48 hours, personally. I am ready for a trip down to Puebla and then Oaxaca.

Things To See:

La Catedral Metropolitana

This historic church is beautiful, and right in the middle of the historic district. If you go on Sunday, you can see a catholic service.

Templo Mayor

Mexico City was built on top of Aztec ruins. Here and throughout the city, you can