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48 Hours in Mexico City

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

My mom, sister, and I spent the last 48 hours in Mexico City. And I loved it! I was surprised by how easy the city is to get around. I recommend using Uber, it was super easy and convenient - who would have guessed! However most drivers don't speak English, so if your Spanish isn't strong you may struggle a bit.

Mexico City

We stayed in the center of the historic district by the zócalo, at the Zócalo Central Mexico City, which was relatively affordable for $170 a night. $170 gets you a long way in Mexico! The rooms were super nice, but in addition to the room and beautiful facilities, food was included. There was a cute cafe that was open 24/7 to make you anything you wanted-- coffee, snacks, meals, etc. And the staff was spectacular. This hotel features a rooftop restaurant, which we enjoyed each morning for a 5-star breakfast that was also included in the cost.

Two days in the city is the PERFECT amount. All of the people and big-city things would make it hard to endure for more than 48 hours, personally. I am ready for a trip down to Puebla and then Oaxaca.

Things To See:

La Catedral Metropolitana

This historic church is beautiful, and right in the middle of the historic district. If you go on Sunday, you can see a catholic service.

Templo Mayor

Mexico City was built on top of Aztec ruins. Here and throughout the city, you can see where the temples used to stand. It's fascinating to see the few structures that still stand, and how Mexicans have built new structures over the old.

El Zócalo

The market in the middle of the city is to die for! It's filled with tons of people and wonderful smells. This market is filled with delicious Mexican food - I actually tried a grasshopper (don't do it-- it was foul), but I really enjoyed the fruit bars and special spicy candies!

Torre Latinoamericana

Each time I enter a city, I like to get to the top to be able to better orient myself. This the equivalent of the Rockefeller Center in NYC - from the Torre you can see for miles. I didn't know the city was surrounded by mountains, they were even snow-capped in September! Don't miss this!

Museo de Antropología

My sister was an anthropology major, so this was an obvious hit. This museum features lots of beautiful pieces from many different Mexican eras.

Palacio de Bellas Artes

To me, Mexican art seems to be so vibrant, colorful, and boisterous. I loved the pieces by Frieda Kahlo's husband, Diego Rivera. This museum is colossal, and a must-see, even from the outside it's something to see.

La Corazón Maguey

On our second night, we Ubered down to dinner in Coyoacán. This little town was filled with life, vendors on every corner, selling treats, balloons, woven baskets, animals! We went to this restaurant because of the awesome reviews on Trip Advisor. I had a green molé and with seared tuna. I will remember this part of the city for its vibrance, interesting smells and dog fights mid-street!

Onward we go, I am writing this as the Uber is arriving! Buen Día!


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