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Bye Again, USA | See You in 10 Months!

Updated: Dec 8, 2020


is coming to a close. This time of year, for the second year in a row, is very bitter sweet for me. After being away from my family for 10 months, I really cherish the little bit of time we get together. Rasmus and I spent the summer soaking up time with our family and friends. We split time this summer between Albuquerque and Austin to see everyone. I have no doubt that Tuesday will be a day filled with tears, happy and sad, as I leave my family one more time for Denmark.

What's unbelievable is that as I get older, it only gets harder to say goodbye to my parents. In kindergarten it's kicking, screaming and tears, in middle school it's a side hug and a "shh mom, be cool," in high school it's a "see you tonight as you run out the door," and at 25 it's practically back to kicking and tears!

We have hope for my mamas health (lung cancer) as I leave this time, but it is still never any easier. I adore her for the strength and resilience she has shown us all, and lessons she has taught us about the importance of the little things in life. My middle sister Rachel (23) also heads North in October as she moves Alaska to start a job with the Center for Disease Control, and Adela (20), the youngest, is spending this semester studying abroad in Sevilla, Spain (YAY she's closer to me!). I have the most incredible women in my family #blessed. But really, I cannot imagine life without them. And Dad, well he's just busy making sure that none of us get kidnapped around the globe! He is a darn good dad.


News In the Bach Household

År To | Basketball

Danish Phonetic: ˈbaskitˌbôl

If you've been following us you may already know, but Rasmus signed a 2019-2020 contract to return to our team from last year, 🏀 Randers Cimbria. We are eager to get back to our apartment and lives in our little slice of Scandanavian paradise. If you want to see him play we have the last game of his season here, Rasmus went out with a bang! You can also tour our Danish city, Randers, here.

I'm sitting here on my parents deck in New Mexico, and I can feel the fall air coming in. I love the change of season, because it reminds me that life is ever-changing and evolving. Each day is a new opportunity to grow and learn. And we are excited to move into a new season with fresh minds and hearts and do good work.

Volleyball | Wait Volleyball?

Danish Phonetic: ˈvälēˌbôl

Funny how sometimes life goes full circle, here at the end of the month I will be taking a job as a head volleyball coach for a women's team in our small town 🏐at Randers Volleyballklub. You can call me coach!

I played for Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado and graduated in 2016. I haven't played much since, but I have really missed it in my life and I am excited to learn about the sport from another angle and share my love of the game.

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Paul A. Kato
Paul A. Kato
Aug 10, 2019

Safe travels, continued success for you and your husband's careers! Amazing opportunities, prayers for your mom, an amazing life in this big world, praying for many more! Ohana is very important! Thanks for sharing...🤙🏾🙏🏽

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