Exploring Auckland's Prettiest Village - Devonport | New Zealand

My First Impressions of New Zealand

I’m happy to announce, we’ve finally made it to Auckland, New Zealand! And we have enjoyed getting a chance to settle in. We found ourselves staying in Devonport, a little town right outside of Auckland’s central business district.

New Zealand seems to be a good fit for Rasmus and me. Obviously, being in an English-speaking country is a huge bonus in terms of ease. The culture and overall inclusive and progressive value system of NZ also seem to be a fit. We will see! In six months I will know more.

New Zealand seems to be a good fit for Rasmus and me.

The town we've moved to, Devonport, is stunning. It’s surrounded by water on three sides and gets killer sunrises and sunsets. Devonport, and Auckland in general, are super lush.

The humidity has been above 85% the entire time we’ve been here. Currently, it’s fall, and we are headed straight into winter. Winters here are said to be mild. July is the coldest month, with highs around 58 degrees and lows around 45.

This town, if it wasn’t so far away from the rest of the world, is somewhere I’d love to settle down! It’s quaint but slyly right up against the big city.

It’s got a clean, victorian, historic vibe that just speaks to me. I love it! Not to mention, there are kiwi and avocado trees everywhere, and everything is within walking distance.

What’s Up in the Bach House

Over the next few months, we are going to try to find permanent housing. We are here for the duration of Rasmus’s next basketball contact, which will take us into 2022. Right now, there are zero active COVID cases in New Zealand.

As you may or may not know, New Zealand has had one of the best COVID responses worldwide. I am thankful to be in such a proactive country.

I’ve had the chance to tour around Auckland a bit since I arrived on May 4th. But mostly, I’m sick of traveling around after our six-month