NEW EPISODE: Nagasaki Velca, Japan - Kandace Carter / Javier (AIR) Carter

Nagasaki Velca, Japan - Kandace Carter / Javier (AIR) Carter

In this episode, I interview Kandace Carter, originally from Mobile, Alabama. She works while they live abroad for an American-based PR agency. She and her husband, Javier, have been abroad for the last two seasons in Japan. Most recently, their team won the B3 League Championship! We talk about Japan, long-distance relationships, being working women, and more.

Watch the interview here, or listen to the full podcast. Enjoy!

Meet Kandace Carter

Age 29 of Mobile, Alabama

Instagram - @_kandim

"I enjoy reading, long walks with my doggy (golden doodle named Murphy), finding new restaurants, and reality TV! I work part-time for a PR Agency as an Account Executive.

I have a masters in Communications and I love to plan and host events for friends & family. We recently purchased our first home!

I travel with my husband for 5-7 months out of the season. I absolutely love Japan (Been there for 3 years now). I have a slight addiction to handbags and stationery. I would love to one day have my own stationery line of products!

Me and my husband met in college in 2011 and married in 2019. He's been playing overseas since 2013." - Kandace