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Our Lifestyle Penalties: The Good, The Bad, and the Extra Fugly

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

We’ve officially been without permanent housing for 16 months. Writing that down is enough to bring me to tears. I’ve promised transparency on the blog from the beginning, and you’re about to get a serious dose of realness from me.

We’ve been without permanent housing for 16 months.

The honeymoon stage is over, and I hate travel. There I said it: I hate travel! For anyone thinking that we are living the bougie professional athlete life - I want you to know that sometimes it’s anything and everything but.

I often struggle with social media. My Instagram and blog are filled with cheerful photos from around the world, and I honestly don’t quite know how to capture the ugliness - and I’d love to. For three years, Rasmus and I lived on around $1,400 a month. How’s that for honest?

If you think we are ballin’: I’ve fooled you, and for that, I apologize, but I also blame the likes of social media. If you like this kind of content or have ideas about how I can share it more thoughtfully, I’m all ears.

In the last 12 months, we've lived in four different countries: USA, Denmark, Australia, and New Zealand.

Due to COVID, we’ve not had a permanent home for longer than five to six weeks. We spent all of last year with family or between hotel rooms, and I have to say I’m sick of it. I’m praying for the day that it all quiets down, and honestly, this may just be my new normal.

Do Not Go, Do Not Collect $200: Lifestyle Penalty

We decided to come home between NBL seasons this year to be with family and attend my mother’s celebration of life. And for reasons I’m not at liberty to discuss, the cost of returning to that part of the world falls on us this year. To get back to the team, we will be paying about USD 20,000 out of pocket. Yay, basketball, yay.

Because of COVID, Australia is still under strict quarantine laws, and they have limited flights into and out of the country. Rasmus is to report for duty on the 15th of August, and right now, flights range between 13K and 40K per person for a one-way flight.

See August flight prices:

Flights have been my logistical nightmare. My traveling brain has been working overtime to figure out alternative routes. I’ve explored everything you can imagine, and after that, we have to pay for our own jail times. The quarantine will cost us around $5000.

Sadly, we didn’t budget this magical 20K into our budget for the year. Yay for credit cards… (I hope you can read between the lines and see that my yays are abundantly sarcastic).

Take Care of Your Body Or It’ll Take You Out

A word from the wise - listen to your body. Never in my life have I been under so much stress mentally as in this last year. I’ve suppressed everything, and my body decided it had had enough. In the middle of our trip to Mexico in June, I experienced my first anxiety attack, full throttle.

My heart rate was at 155 BPM, and we thought I was having a heart attack. I thought I was going to die. I prayed all night for the people I knew I’d leave behind, and it was probably the lowest I’ve ever been in my life.

I was rushed to the ER in a Mexican ambulance and was out until 5 AM. I’m going to walk you through what steps led to the panic/anxiety attack in another blog - it’s a long story, and I’m still living the PTSD of it.

In short, my mental health has been deteriorating at a level unprecedented to a go-getter like me. And right now, taking care of me is the top priority. Recently, mental health has been a hot topic, and I’ve loved watching athletes like Simone Biles sound the bell. I’ve got a strategy to cope with my anxiety at the moment, and if I find a good strategy that works, I’ll report back.

Jail Sentence Round Two

Have you ever spent 14 days in one room? How about 14 days in one 12x12 foot room with another person? In a few weeks, I’ll be able to say yes to both. Rasmus and I are being put to the test again. We are headed into round two of government-issued quarantine, and this time, we go it together. You can read about my first experience here.

The solution to my anxiety? Jail. Sometimes I can’t catch a break. But for now, I’m trying to keep my eyes on the horizon. I’m meditating, doing yoga, and trying to be present. I’m feeling extra thankful for my immediate family who’s been taking care of me this summer: Rasmus, my dad and sisters, and Rasmus’s parents.

The Video From Quarantine in January- Rasmus Will Be in This Tiny Room with Me Next Week:

The Skinny

So that’s the skinny. There you have it, the icky behind-the-scenes life of professional sports that don’t always make the headlines. Honestly, what families give up for sports is substantial. And in this industry, I’ve found some of the most beautiful and resilient humans - thank God for them.

Wherever you are, enjoy it! I often envy those of you who get to wake up to the same apartment or house every morning. The grass is always greener— let me level with you.

Always sending love to your corner of the world!



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