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Meet the Ennis Family Living & Playing Basketball in Gran Canaria, Spain

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

In this episode, I chat with Megan Ennis, originally from Queensland, Australia. She was playing Division I basketball at the University of Oregon when she met Dylan, who was also there playing. She tore her ACL twice, which forced her to retire from playing.

But she's never stopped supporting Dylan– together, these two have moved around the world for basketball contracts. They have two adorable children, Amiyah and Chance, who were born abroad. They've spent the last five seasons abroad.

Most recently, Dylan played in Spain's ACB, where they've lived on the Spanish island Gran Canaria. I'm excited to share this episode. I really connected with Megan's story. Enjoy!

Her podcast interview drops Friday, July 8th!

Meet Megan Ennis

Age 27 of Queensland, Australia

Instagram - @meegsennis

"I'm a wife and mom to two babies (Amiyah 3 + Chance 1). I played D1 college basketball at the University of Oregon, where I met my husband. I tore my ACL twice, which forced me to retire from playing.

My husband got a professional contract in Serbia from college, and I went along with him. It was hard not physically making my own money, but he would always assure me he couldn't do what he does on the court without me.

We've had a JOURNEY from moving teams to having our kids overseas alone without anyone or any help, but we've done it! Now I don't have free time because I have 2 kids, but we live on the beach, so any time I get, I'm there!

We've been playing overseas for five seasons in the top leagues and have encountered pretty much everything, good and bad, lol!" - Megan

Question of the Season

Lindley: What is one thing you would say to someone about to embark on this lifestyle?

Megan: "I would say just, it's not going to be the same, so you have to have an open mind. You have to be able to adapt and go with the flow. Many things won't go the way you think they're going to go.

Just have an open mind and embrace the culture. Just don't expect it to be like how you grew up or what you're used to, because it's a different country. It's a different culture. Like, there are so many things that are going to be different. So I think you have to be really open and excited to learn new things."


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