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The Best Way to See Belize

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

This was the best family Christmas our family ever had away from home. I absolutely love Belize. And here are a few reasons why: flights are relatively cheap, you can use American money (exchange is 1:2), many locals speak English, and the whole country is relatively safe.

We actually spent most of our time on a private island, Glover's Reef Atoll, owned by a company in Moab, Utah called Slickrock. It's super nice to have an all-inclusive trip, and I would highly recommend using Slickrock. Their island is beautiful! The sand is perfect for walking barefoot, and everyone lives in their own palapa for the week.

The tour guides coordinated new activities each day, and they could be done together as a family, or individually. Activities included kayaking, sand volleyball, scuba diving, paddle-boarding, windsurfing, snorkeling, walking in the tide pools, and information sessions on animals in Belize. We spent an entire 10 days there and never got bored. They provided authentic Belizean food, made by a live-in cook from the mainland. We got to eat the fresh coconuts on the island and learn about the local fish we were eating.

This vacation island is super rustic, and there is hardly electricity. There is light in the main kitchen cabin, but that's it. There are eco-friendly toilets, and showers that spew the rainwater. Water is precious on the island. Of course, the is no cell service or WiFi, which makes this trip all the more memorable. I know I need a break from my phone every once in a while, and it needs to be forced otherwise it won't happen. Make sure to bring a good book to layout in the hammocks. And if you are inclined, I would HIGHLY recommend scuba diving. I went twice over the course of ten days and fell in love. There is nothing quite like being under the water where it's quiet and peaceful and the fish swim right up to your face! It's common to see sharks and turtles in these parts.

I made this video for my mama. And for some context, we went on this trip for her. She always wanted to take us here. In 2016, she was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. She has been living life to the fullest ever since! The song in the video, "Live Like You're Dying" has always been her favorite. I am inspired to live life like my mama every day. Enjoy!

Belize Christmas 2017


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